56-year-old Donald Wayne Junior Hannam from West Dalhousie, N.S. is facing a number of charges after an unusual incident in Upper Granville, N.S. on Friday.

RCMP responded to call of reports of a man being assaulted by another man with a handgun.

The suspect took out a handgun and shortly after, an argument occurred between the two men. The victim says he was struck in the head with the handgun, before he left and called police.

Police determined both men were under the influence of alcohol once they arrived on scene.

RCMP say Hannam was aggressive and resisted police when trying to place him under arrest.

Hannam has received a number of charges including assault with a weapon, uttering death threats, possession of a prohibited firearm and ammunition without a license, and assaulting a peace officer.

Hannam is being held in custody until his court appearance on Monday in Digby Provincial Court.

The investigation is ongoing and further charges may be laid.