Maritime movie theatres have been packed in recent weeks and the new James Bond flick is fueling much of the hype.

“Skyfall” has been a success at the box office and one Nova Scotia man shares a special bond with the world’s most famous spy.

His name? Bond. James Bond.

“James is quite common, and Bond is pretty straightforward,” says the HRM resident. “Put them together and add some movies and it becomes pretty famous.”

To make the bond even more surreal, James Bond is a sales manager at Atlantic Cat – a company with ties to the most recent Bond flick.

Caterpillar built a hydraulic excavator featured in the opening scene of “Skyfall.” In true Bond fashion, Daniel Craig’s character operates the excavator on a train barreling out of control.

“I am around the machines everyday, so to add Caterpillar with James Bond in terms of branding, I get a big kick out of it and I like it.”

And the connections don’t stop there. When a colleague needs to dial Bond’s extension at work, the digits are a very fitting 0-0-7.

“We like to think our James Bond is the real deal, as opposed to the James Bonds that come and go on the films that come out now and again,” says colleague Peter O’Hagan.

“We are quite proud to have him around the building.”

The fictional spy is named after an American bird expert, while the local resident is named after his uncle, who goes by Jim.

His family claims he is, in fact, the original James Bond.

“I was born in ’69. There was a couple movies out and as the story goes, my mother picked my name and thought there’s movies out, but she didn’t think they were really going to catch on,” says Bond.

“She thought it would be all over, but that wasn’t actually the case.”

Off-screen, Bond is pretty humble about his famous handle.

“There are not a lot of similarities. I drive a Ford Edge. I’ve been married to the same woman for many years, and I go to work everyday without much danger at all.

However, there is one similarity.

“I do drink dirty martinis and I like them shaken.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Kelland Sundahl