HALIFAX -- Residents living in a neighbourhood in Timberlea, N.S. say they are getting fed up with a nearby golf course as golf balls continue to damage their properties.

According to some residents, it’s a problem that they can’t seem to get fixed with management at The Links at Brunello golf course.

Tony Fletcher lives right beside the golf course and says sometimes he wonders if his backyard is part of the green.

“Our children used to play in the background quite frequently and we actually had to stop it because there were so many golf balls that came in the yard and it just wasn’t worth the risk of having them out there,” says Fletcher.

Jillian MacMaster also lives next door to the course. She says she’s been keeping a collection of golf balls that landed in her backyard over the last year. According to MacMaster, her home has been hit and damaged as well.

“From the course, into our backyards, front yards, the roads, into people’s yards across the street,” said MacMaster.

Fletcher says he was in his truck when it was struck and dented from a golf ball in his front yard.

According to the homeowners, when they approached the golf course owner about the dangerous issue, they were told it’s their responsibility to walk onto the golf course when they’re home and damages have occurred.

“I’ve approached one golfer who denied it, even though it couldn’t have been anybody else. The ball nearly hit my daughter and I,” says Fletcher.

“I don’t think it’s fair that we’ve been here for so long and then once this started happening, that we have to be more careful and that it could be a danger to be in our own backyard,” said Alexa Fletcher, who lives beside the golf course.

CTV News did reach out to the golf course administrators by phone, email, and in person but was unable to speak to anyone at The Links at Brunello.

People who live nearby say a reconfiguration of the course would be helpful.

“The hole number four to be exact,” said MacMaster. “The tee off box needs to be lowered, right now it’s on a hill which is causing the people, when they have their terrible shot, their balls come not even through the woods to our houses but over the woods to our houses and on the road and everything.”

Those living in the community say they hope to continue their dialogue with the golf course to work out a solution for the golfers, and those living nearby.