Two Nova Scotia pet owners are parting with some prized possessions in order to cover their dog’s costly medical bills.

Last month, Rebecca Blair and her fiancé noticed Charley was walking funny. They weren’t sure what was wrong with the 16-month-old bullmastiff, but they knew it was serious.

“It actually looked like she was intoxicated,” says the Lower Truro, N.S., resident. “Her front paws would just go over one another … and she would just stumble and then face plant.”

Charley was diagnosed with wobbler syndrome, which affects the spine and walking pattern of large dogs and horses.

“Pretty much they don’t have enough room for their spine to grow up, so it compresses, everything compresses on their spine and doesn’t make them walk very well and causes great pain,” explains Blair.

Charley recently underwent eight hours of surgery at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island. She was able to come home Monday evening, and while it’s too soon to say whether the surgery was a success, the pampered pooch is slowly turning back into her old self.

“She’s definitely very stubborn and wants to get up and go, which is great,” says Blair.

While Charley is recovering, her medical bills, which are expected to top $7,000, are a new source of stress for the couple.

But Blair says forgoing the surgery was never an option, so they have decided to sell their truck and camper to help cover the costs associated with the procedure.

“Whatever we have to do to make her better,” she says. “She’s so young and she has just bettered our lives.”

The couple has also started a GoFundMe page to help with Charley’s vet bills.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh