HALIFAX -- Nova Scotia RCMP has arrested 14 people and seized a 'significant quantity of drugs, firearms and money,' after police say they disrupted a drug trafficking ring as the result of an 11-month investigation.

Police say on December 9, 2020, the Nova Scotia RCMP Federal Serious and Organized Crime Unit arrested two men during a traffic stop on Elliott St. in Halifax, after they threw a loaded handgun out the window. Police recovered and seized the gun and searched the vehicle, where they found cocaine.

Several videos posted on social media on Dec. 9 showed police vehicles speeding under an overpass and down a street in Halifax. In one video, a sedan was chased by police off the Bicentennial Highway, over grass, between traffic, and over a sidewalk, before slamming into a power pole on Elliott Street.

Police say the traffic stop prompted a search of a Halifax home, where police located and seized a loaded firearm with various amounts of ammunition. The passenger of the vehicle, Dawid Jakub Dennisow, was charged with additional firearms offences.

According to police, 13 additional locations known for drug activity throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality were also searched on Dec. 9, leading to multiple arrests and the seizure of a significant amount drugs, money, firearms and other items.

Police say the following was seized as a result of the searches:

  • 3.5 kg of cocaine
  • 110 kg of Benzocaine and other cutting agents
  • 400 pills, including Heroin, steroids and combination codeine/caffeine tablets (ratio-Lenoltec)
  • 10 firearms
  • Conducted Energy Weapon
  • $369,000 in cash
  • Three hydraulic cocaine presses
  • Bear spray
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Two body armour
  • 122 lbs of cannabis products
  • 310 cannabis plants

Police say the investigation also uncovered a cocaine processing house and a clandestine lab for processing cannabis. The clandestine lab had tanks of highly explosive propane and butane, so the RCMP Clandestine Laboratory Team and Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency were called to safely dismantle the lab.

RCMP says they discovered three other houses involved in drug processing. All five properties were restrained by police, as well as five vehicles that were used while committing an offence, meaning that owners must maintain care of the homes and vehicles until they go to a forfeiture hearing.

“This is an example of outstanding work by our officers and partners,” says Supt. Jason Popik, Federal Criminal Operations Officer in a news release. “Together, we have disrupted a complex drug trafficking ring, prevented a significant quantity of dangerous and highly-addictive drugs from getting to our streets and we are holding criminals accountable for their harm to communities.”

The RCMP has charged the following 14 people with approximately 100 offences.

  • Gary Michael Boudreau, 44, of Halifax
  • Jacob Thomas Cuvelier, 27, of Halifax
  • Cyril Allison Delong, 27, of Kentville
  • Dawid Jakub Dennisow, 25, of Halifax
  • Stephen Alexander Fleming, 39, of Bedford
  • Shawn Alonzo Forrestall, 41, of Pockwock
  • Barry Gerrard, 64, of Pope’s Harbour
  • Kailey Lynn Kane, 25, of New Glasgow
  • Nicholas W. B. Macleod, 33, of Halifax
  • Karam Chafic Makhoul, 29, of Williamswood
  • Cameron Mombourquette, 23, of Bedford
  • Bradley John Schofield, 44, of Tantallon
  • Christian Alexander Strickland, 35, of Halifax
  • Samer Zakhour, 34, of Hammonds Plains

Police say the investigation is ongoing and being led by the Nova Scotia RCMP Federal Serious and Organized Crime Unit with assistance from the Nova Scotia RCMP Emergency Response Team, Police Dog Services, Forensic Identification Services, Digital Forensics Services, Ontario RCMP and Halifax District RCMP.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the RCMP or Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers.