A single-lane bridge in Lantz, N.S. is being blamed for a number of motorcycle accidents, and people in the community are calling on the government to replace it.

Todd Sawler says he injured his leg after crashing his motorcycle on the Hyde Bridge along Highway 277, leaving him unable to work as a paramedic.

“I hit the bridge, the edge of the bridge where the boards are, I guess, deteriorating,” says Sawler. “My front tire hit the edge of the boards and I went down and crashed. I slid about 20 feet…my bike slid down the bridge. I ended up against the guard rail.”

Sawler says his motorcycle sustained $2,000 worth of damage in the accident, but that’s the least of his concerns. The paramedic and volunteer firefighter says he won’t be returning to work anytime soon.

“They just told me that I’d be on crutches until further notice, not being able to put pressure on my right leg.”

There have been at least three other motorcycle accidents along the bridge in the last few weeks. The other drivers escaped uninjured, but residents say major changes need to be made to the bridge.

“I think it’s disgusting and, to me, they’re not going to be happy until somebody goes through it,” says Jean Hiltz.

“I’m not surprised there was an accident there,” says Don MacLean. “I’m not surprised, but I just won’t travel it.”

Local MLA Larry Harrison says the province’s engineers have determined there are other bridges in the area that are in worse condition.

“It needs a truss done and it needs a lot of undergirding done, but at this point it’s considered safe,” says Harrison. “We realized that it’s in, let’s call it, poor shape now, but the engineer has determined it’s not unsafe at this point.”

The bridge isn’t scheduled to be replaced until 2018. If it is deemed unsafe before then, it would have to close, which is the responsibility of the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

CTV News reached out to the minister for comment, but has yet to receive a response.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Matt Woodman


This article has been updated to correct the highway number Hyde Bridge ran along.