A group of students on Nova Scotia’s South Shore spent Valentine’s Day giving back to the local hospital.

The Grade 1 students at West Northfield Elementary School asked their families for change and performed chores for cash with the goal of making a donation to the South Shore Regional Hospital radiothon.

Their teacher, Meghan Nauss-Donat, was behind the project. She was inspired by her own experience as a student, 32 years ago.

“I wanted to promote kindness and giving back, and let them know that there are things in our community, such as the hospital, that need our help and that you’re not too young to help out,” says Nauss-Donat.

The Grade 1 class raised $133.40 and couldn't wait to call the radio station to donate their hard-earned money.

“My goal is for them to be nice people,” says Nauss-Donat. “To be kind and do simple things as say hello, how is your day, and make somebody smile.”

Nauss-Donat says she's proud of her students and can't wait to see where they are in 30 years.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Suzette Belliveau