Many Nova Scotian students in their final year of high school are doing whatever they can to salvage their extra-curricular activities in light of the teachers’ ongoing work-to-rule job action.

Grade 12 students at Riverview High School have started a fundraiser to hold events that have been cancelled, calling their campaign “Take Back Our Year.”

“Previous grads are donating. Companies from Sydney are challenging other companies to donate,” said Grade 12 student Dylan Jennex. “We are trying to get a winter ball, a hockey tournament, and a school dance. We are also trying to relive our Christmas party, which we missed because of work-to-rule.”

With no one to coach or chaperone, school sports have been shut down, dances cancelled and many other extra-curricular activities in jeopardy.

“We were going to Ireland and Scotland for a week and now the teachers can't go,” said Grade 12 student Seanna Wells. “Now parents have to raise their own money to try and find a way to get us a chaperone.”

Students now say the year is becoming one to forget.

“Work-to-rule put a damper on everything for us,” said Grade 12 student Morgan Currie. “There wasn't a lot of activities for us. We had one or two dances. Everyone was looking forward to Red Cup and prom and winter ball.”

A formal wear business in Sydney has already committed to organizing at least four proms for students from the local high schools in the area. It’s a gesture students are grateful for.

“I expected this year to be the best year of my life,” said Seanna Wells. “I was so excited for prom. We all have dresses and now the school can't even hold their own graduation. We will be getting our diplomas in the mail, which is really upsetting.”

Despite the disappointment, students hope they can turn things around with the help of friends and the community.

“We are just trying to relive it all. We don't want an empty year book,” said Dylan Jennex.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.