A Halifax teen living with special need took to the basketball court to score a few points, but ended up giving us all a lesson in life.

Braedyn Watson spent most of the game cheering on his Graham Creighton Junior High Wildcats from the bench. But when his coach put him in the game, he wasted no time.

Braedyn went straight for the net. When his first shot missed, even the other team wanted to help him score.

Eventually, he did just that.

"It made me feel good,” says Braedyn’s teammate Tyrae Atkinson. “When I gave him the ball and he scored, I wanted everyone to go crazy and be loud because I wanted him to feel good."

Assistant coach Ian David says the atmosphere in the building was electric.

"He scored twice the gym went crazy. I think he made more noise in the gym than Dryon's dunk, so it was pretty intense," says David

David says the gesture goes far beyond any points on a scoresheet.

"They're just great students. They look out for each other, they're there for each other, so for me, we're teaching life skills and life morals, and so it looks like it's rubbing off," David says.

The Graham Creighton Junior High Wildcats continue to play in their tournament this weekend, and you can bet their new star player will be there too.