SYDNEY -- A teenager in Cape Breton is fundraising to help others living with a similar illness as her.

Fourteen-year-old Alyssa Rose has been battling a brain tumour – a similar brain tumour her mother had 16 years ago.

Alyssa received surgery at the IWK Health Centre last year and thought was the tumour was gone, only to find out it started growing again. She has since received eight weeks of radiation treatment to try and shrink it.

"Well, of course it was a little scary, but I kind of knew everything was going to be fine," said Alyssa. "I really wasn't that worried about anything. It sounds weird when I say it like that."

Alyssa's mother, Lynn Rose, says the illness created a stronger bond between her and her daughter.

"Oh yeah, it really did. She is asking me questions about what to expect and what was going to happen," explained Lynn. "I guess when you kind of have experience with it, it's a little easier."

Despite everything Alyssa has been through, she remains in good spirits and stays committed to helping the hospital that saved her life.

She's currently selling tickets on a basket full of goods and gift cards donated by local businesses, raising money for the upcoming IWK Telethon.

"They went above and beyond for me," said Alyssa. "They do the same for everyone that goes to that hospital."

"They treated me and my family like royalty and they made sure that I was enjoying myself and not sitting in a hospital bed being depressed about what was going on."

Last year, Alyssa raised more than $10,000 for the IWK in Halifax.

"If it wasn't for the IWK, I don’t know where we would be. They saved her life. They are a great asset to our province," said Alyssa's father, Shawn Rose.

Alyssa plans to raise as much money as she can throughout the next couple of months and present a cheque during this year's IWK telethon.

The telethon airs on CTV June 6 and June 7.