A Nova Scotia woman has not only broken the world record for the most wreaths made in 24 hours, you might say she ran circles around it.

Carolann Naugle set to work on the weekend, busily making wreaths in an effort to beat the world record of 55 wreaths in 24 hours.

“At 1:27 in the morning I beat the record with 56 and I finished that in less than 12 hours. And then I had a nap,” say the North River resident.

“I had no doubt in my mind,” says Naugle’s friend Joan Hughes. “I told her before she started she was going to break the record.”

In the end, Naugle made a total of 70 wreaths.

She managed to take a couple of naps over the 24-hour period and even ran out of balsam fir a few times.

“If I had the brush, I could have made 100 easy,” she says.

Naugle already holds the record for the world’s largest Christmas wreath – a feat she accomplished in 2008.

She has worked in the woods for most of her adult life and says balsam fir is her favourite tree to work with.

Naugle plans to sell the wreaths, with half the proceeds benefiting the Children’s Wish Foundation.

While Naugle is confident she holds the new world record in wreath-making, she now has to send her materials to the Guinness Book of World Records in order to have the record verified.

She hopes to receive confirmation early in the new year.

Whether she plans to attempt another wreath-making world record next year is uncertain.

“I’m looking at my friend in the background and she’s shaking her head no,” says Naugle. “You never know.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh