A Nova Scotia woman says she’s been forced to live out of a suitcase after the Toronto-area moving company she hired didn’t deliver.

Channa Bromley says she has no idea where her things are and if she’ll ever see them again.

“I was wearing the same thing for several days,” Bromley says. “I had to buy towels, soaps, basically everything we use on a daily basis.”

After working in Toronto for six years, Bromley finally returned to Halifax. She hired the moving company that gave the best quote.

“They arrived, they took my stuff. I got an invoice. I paid it right away because it was due, and I haven't talked to them since,” Bromley says.

She says 28 boxes of her things were supposed to arrive Feb. 1, but they didn't.

“A man told me that they didn’t have any trips planned to the East Coast and that I was mistaken,” says Bromley.

The Mississauga-based company bills itself as reliable online, but negative reviews are piling up.

The Better Business Bureau says checking reviews is key, as consumers have very little recourse if their move goes wrong.

“Unfortunately it’s an industry that isn’t regulated and it’s wide open for anyone to get into, and that’s where we see the problems,” says Peter Moorhouse, president and CEO of the Atlantic Better Business Bureau.

It’s a mistake Bromley says she won't make again.

“Do your research,” she says. “Don’t trust a nice voice on the phone.”

Bromley says she eventually was able to make contact with a receptionist at the company, who told her the trucks had broken down and the next delivery date in Halifax will be late February.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kelly Linehan.