A Nova Scotia woman is offering a cash reward after thieves broke into her home and made off with roughly $100,000 in jewelry.

The Truro Police Service is investigating the incident, which happened on June 27. The man and woman suspected in the theft are seen on a video recording at Jacquie Dares’ front door. The video of the suspects has been distributed by police and shared on social media.

“My security system recorded when the doors opened and closed,” says Dares. “The whole time they were being videotaped and they didn’t know it, so at least that was working.”

Dares has a video doorbell, which activates when someone pushes the button. It connects to her phone, but she says she was driving at the time and couldn’t answer the call.

“I was driving in two lanes of traffic and I couldn’t answer, take my phone and answer the doorbell, and I just didn’t pay attention to it after that,” she says. “But had I been able to actually talk to them, I would have indicated that I was in the house.”

The video shows the pair standing on Dares’ front step for about 30 seconds, and then they leave. Police believe they were checking to see if the homeowner was home.

“When they had no response, then they checked out the back side to see if they could find an area to enter the house,” says Det. Sgt. Darrin Smith.

When Dares returned home she discovered her bedroom had been ransacked, and all of her valuable gems, earrings, and necklaces were gone.

She says the value of the jewelry is pushing $100,000, with one set of earrings appraised at $20,000.

Dares is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those involved, but she believes there’s little chance of getting her jewelry back.

“I would say zero … the homeowner insurance only will cover up to $6,000.”

Dares is asking anyone with information about the incident or the suspects to contact police.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh