HALIFAX -- A woman living Bedford, N.S. is doing what she can to help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amy Miller put out a call looking for donations of personal hygiene products for kits she planned to put together and pass out for those who cannot afford the items.

Just two weeks later and Miller is running out of space in her home.

“People are like, ‘where can I drop off items?’, I gave them my address, come home, and bags are sitting on my doorstep,” said Miller in excitement.

“It’s great and I don’t know what these people look like, I have no idea who they are. They’re just dropping stuff off because they want to.”

Miller says her friend who works at a local shelter told her about the need.

That’s when she decided to do something about it.

“Some people lost their jobs, some people got kicked out, some have alcohol and drug abuse, all walks of life that brings them to the situation they are in,” said Miller.

Miller’s kits will be filled with items like shampoo, deodorant, female sanitation products, and razors.

“We need masks now because of the time that we’re in, and hand sanitizer because of the time we are in,” explained Miller.

“Socks, mittens, hats, and if people want to drop off blankets, I haven’t been asking for that but of course, I’m not going to say no to them.”

According to Miller, donations are being accepted until Dec. 10.

She plans to deliver the hygiene kits around HRM on Dec. 12 to anyone she sees in need, a situation she knows all too well about.

 “My family has gone to the food bank multiple times and we’ve gone on welfare, we’ve been in the same situation,” said Miller.

“We’ve never been on the street but we’ve struggled to pick between sanitary products or groceries.”

Items will be sanitized before they are put in bags and any leftovers will be donated to local shelters.