A Halifax woman is reaching out to the public in an attempt to find a man who assisted her during a time of need.

Diane Button was travelling on her mobility scooter along the Halifax Common when the machine broke down.

"So I'm pushing it across the street with my legs, which is very difficult,” says Button. “That's part of my problem. That's why I have the scooter, because I can't walk any distance."

Button says she was stuck there for hours, several blocks from her home. She called her friend Bev Jesseau for assistance, but she also has mobility issues.

“So I called my brother and I called a couple of my friends, trying to get them to help her, and there was nobody there," says Jesseau.

Eventually, after over half an hour and the cold winds getting stronger, a man stopped to help.

“This nice looking man came across the Commons with his two little dogs, and he says, ‘It looks like you're not having a good day,’" says Button.

The man want home to put the dogs away, then returned and pushed her one kilometre to where she lives.  

“We talked as he was pushing me, and he pushed me all the way (home),” says Button. “It took a lot out of him to push me all the way down here."

He wanted no reward, and Button says she doesn't know much about him.   

“He told me his name was Jessie. I didn't get his last name or his phone number or anything. I was so thankful," she says.

Jesseau and Button say it’s the kind of generosity that is all too rare these days. They hope to find Jessie again to thank him once more.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ron Shaw.