There is something fishy going on in a basement in Salmon River, N.S. and it seems millions of people are taking note.

Joey Mullen has his own YouTube channel which shows people around the world how to make their own aquariums. Mullen says his collection of videos has accumulated millions of views.

“The aquarium hobby is a very majestic hobby, it’s very relaxing,” says Mullen. “It’s a never-ending hobby. There is always something new to learn, it’s always interesting.”

With that in mind, Mullen made a video four years ago, showing how to solve a common aquarium problem.

“The video was just a quick 30-second video, but it went on to get 500,000 views,” says Mullen. “It prompted me to think maybe I should make more videos.”

Mullen started his YouTube channel for do-it-yourself aquarium-builders, offering instructions about tanks, filters and other equipment.

Mullen has turned part of his basement into a small studio and has even painted one wall chroma key green to add effects later in editing.

So far, he has made 120 videos. Thanks to computer editing and Mullen’s know-how, the spots have a professional look and impressive numbers.

“On my channel, I have over 73,000 subscribers right now and I’ve accumulated 12.5 million views,” says Mullen.

Mullen’s wife says she and their two children support what he is doing, even though he does spend a lot of time in the studio.

“It’s OK. It can be annoying, it can,” says Tanya Pearson. “He’s always down here in his little cave.”

Mullen says his goal is simple - he wants to make aquariums more affordable to more people.

“One of the reasons people want to build their own stuff is due to the potential savings,” says Mullen.

“You won’t save everything, there’s definitely a huge potential to save. I love it. It’s a passion, so whenever you’re passionate about something you want to know everything about it.”

Mullen says, when it comes to aquarium design, the possibilities are limitless.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh