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Nearly 100 fines given out, 2 teens arrested at 'unsanctioned student gathering': Halifax police

Halifax Regional Police (HRP) say they gave out nearly 100 fines and made two arrests after an “unsanctioned student gathering” in the city’s south end near Dalhousie University on Sunday.

Police say large crowds started to gather in the areas of Larch and Jennings streets starting around 12:30 p.m.

The crowd is estimated to have reached approximately 3,000 people and extended out to Preston Street and Payzant Avenue.

Police say many people in the crowd were intoxicated, climbing trees, damaging property, causing disturbances and fights.

Members of the Public Safety Unit, along with several support units from HRP, remained on scene throughout the day and into the early morning hours.

Police say they issued 93 summary offence tickets under the Liquor Control Act, as well as three under the Motor Vehicle Act. One driver was also issued a driving suspension for allegedly operating a vehicle while having consumed alcohol.

An 18-year-old was arrested for allegedly assaulting an officer, and police say a replica firearm and sensory irritant were seized. The man is scheduled to appear in Halifax provincial court at a later date to face charges of:

  • assaulting an officer
  • resisting arrest
  • carrying a concealed weapon (two counts)
  • possession of a weapon dangerous to the public (two counts)
  • carrying a weapon at a public meeting (two counts)

Police say a 19-year-old man was arrested in a separate incident for assaulting another man in the crowd and is scheduled to appear at a later date in Halifax provincial court to face one count of assault.

Dalhousie University does have a sanctioned homecoming event this weekend, but it doesn’t appeal to some students.

“It’s not like other schools where they are allowed to drink so it’s just like games and the students want to day-drink. The students are over 19 and if we has a sanctioned event where we could do that, events like what happened on Jennings Street wouldn’t happen,” says Dalhousie student Rhys Scott.

Halifax mayor Mike Savage says the street party is more than just young people having a good time.

“This is not kids being kids this is, assaulting a police officer this is using a sensory irritant, this is destroying property,” says Savage. “We are a university town, but we’re not a town that will allow people to do things that are harmful to themselves or to others.”

Police say the officer that was assaulted was not injuried and details are still being gathered about the gathering.

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