MONCTON -- A group of businesses in the Greater Moncton area have joined forces to make 1,000 meals for those in need.

Skika Sobti and her husband Ramen own the wholesale manufacturer Sai Krishna, where they make and sell frozen samosa pastries. The couple decided they wanted to find a way to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You know, this is tough times, everybody is trying to do their best so we should also try and do something for the community,” says Sobti.

Ramen Sobti has been a chef for 21 years. He designed a frozen gourmet meal to donate to those in need.

“Cod fish, which is very locally found in Canada. I create a butter chicken gravy, some tomato rich sauce with lots of butter, lots of cream, 15 to 16 spices. I blend my own, I roast all the spices separately and blend it all together and I create the dish,” says Ramen Sobti.

Ramen is cooking with locally-sourced ingredients provided by Partner Seafood and Cavendish Farms.

The couple also teamed up with Xtreme cold, a storage facility that provided a freezer and warehouse space to work.

“We can’t export, we can’t import, so might as well use our local resources and give it to our own people,” says Paul Farrah, the CEO of Xtreme Cold.

To date, the team has made around 500 dishes.

Monday's meal delivery went to the Multicultural Association of Greater Moncton. The meals will be part of donation boxes to help newcomers.

“We delivered almost 135 boxes so far and 90 per cent of them are gone to students,” says Hakim Mestassi, the connection manager for the Multicultural Association of Greater Moncton.

The rest of the meals have been donated to the Food Depot Alimentaire, which supplies 60 food banks in New Brunswick, and to Crossroads For Women, a shelter that helps women and children escaping domestic violence.

Volunteers say the feedback has been rewarding.

“The first thing was, ‘Wow, are you really going to do that for us?’ and ‘Really? It's a chef?’” says Geraldine Cotte, the sales director for Partner Seafood.

The team says their goal is to make 1,000 meals and give recipients 1,000 reasons to smile.