LOWER NORTON, N.B. -- A New Brunswick company that makes bath and body products has turned off the tap on plastic packaging and made the move toward zero-waste.

The couple behind Bubbles and Balms was motivated by the desire to leave behind a better world for their children.

Judith Sweeney says the business prides itself on its products being made with ingredients that are all-natural and now they're taking that philosophy a step further into packaging.

"It can go right in with your apple cores and your banana peels and can biodegrade without changing the pH level of your compost," Judith Sweeney says.

This month, the business made the move to ditch plastic packaging and move to biodegradable materials instead.

Their new containers are made of recycled paperboard with a vegetable wax liner and the writing on the packaging is done with soy ink.

"It will really only work with oil-based products, so luckily we make highly concentrated oil-based products, there's no water content," Justin Sweeney says. "One of the reasons that we've alway stayed away from water is because it often requires a preservative."

The business was established back in 2014 by Justin and Judith Sweeney -- and has been operating in New Brunswick since 2018.

They say although there's a big demand for people wanting to make the move towards being more eco-conscious, the demands of every-day life can sometimes make that difficult.

"Refilleries are fantastic, but not everybody has the time, especially with children and busy jobs and careers and now COVID, so we really wanted to take that first step of being eco-conscious really easy," Judith Sweeney says.

They hope others within the beauty industry will follow in their footsteps.

"It really is something we wanted to leave a better legacy for our children, we wanted to make starting a zero waste lifestyle as easy as possible," Justin Sweeney says.