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New Brunswick Crime Stoppers launches new initiative to help solve unsolved crimes

New Brunswick Crime Stoppers is taking a new approach to try and help solve unsolved cases across the province.

The organization has created 10 one minute videos that will be released on social media pages including Facebook, YouTube and its website.

“We have a lot of unsolved crime in the province,” said Crime Stoppers coordinator, Stg. Julie Goulet.

“We want to liaise with the community so the public is aware. You know, for every crime there’s always more person than just the perpetrator that is aware of the crime, right? So we know people know what happened to these people, the missing people, the murdered or other crimes so we want to reach out to the community.”

The idea behind the videos is to reach a new audience, share essential information and raise awareness.

Goulet says it is a way to modernize the Crime Stoppers brand.

“This week we launched a ‘What is Crime Stoppers’ video for people that are not aware of the program, so it’s a short one minute video and the second video is about a missing person – Erin Brooks who went missing in the community of Saint Mary’s close to Fredericton,” she said.

Future videos will include other unsolved cases, crime prevention tops, community success stories and law enforcement partnerships.

The plan is for the series to feature a range of topics including:

  •  About N.B. Crime Stoppers – Introduction
  •  Missing Person: Erin Brooks (Fredericton)
  •  Public Awareness: Copper Theft
  •  Homicide: Claire Gagnon (Dieppe)
  •  Public Awareness: Internet Sextortion
  •  Arsons (Cap-Pelé)
  •  Public Awareness: Illegal Garbage Dumping
  •  Homicide: Emerson Main (Dawsonville)
  •  Public Awareness: Catalytic Converter Theft
  •  Homicide: Jean Paul Caron and Melanie Roussie (Saint-Quentin)

Goulet says the social media videos are reminiscent of Crime of the Week videos that used to air on community stations.

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