FREDERICTON -- It was pretty peaceful looking out on the St. John River on Wednesday.

The Emergency Measures Organization Riverwatch is over for this season and this year it lasted just six weeks.

"It's completely Mother Nature," said Geoffrey Downey of the Emergency Measures Organization. "Flooding is dependent on how quickly the snow melts and how much rain you get in the northwest. This year, we were looking at a snowpack well below average. However, last year it was significantly above average yet we pretty much had the same results and that all comes down to how quickly the snow melts, last year river watch ran for 10 weeks."

Marianne Bell is the mayor of Perth-Andover, she's happy with how the spring melt played out this year.

"We did have an ice jam that sat in place for four or five days and we were wondering well what might happen how much ice might crash into that, but it turned out to be a great spring and the melt happened easily and the ice never came down from Grand Falls because it melted in place," said Bell.

In the Village of Gagetown, there is relief that the flooding season is behind them. In past years, the deputy mayor says the water would have been over his head, but this year, it was much lower.

"It wasn't like this a couple weeks ago, but it wasn't terribly bad," said Derek Pleadwell, the deputy mayor of the Village of Gagetown. "I think we peaked this year at 4.4 metres, which was fairly uneventful and we certainly appreciated that."

Gagetown is considering moving their flood stage level from 4 meters to a level where it would actually begin to affect residents.

"We actually were contacted last year by local government who asked us if that was an appropriate flood stage," said Pleadwell. "We actually are considering moving it to 4.5 or 5."

The Emergency Measures Organization says the risk of flooding for the rest of this season is low and would only happen for a significant rainfall.