MONCTON, N.B. -- New Brunswick will soon be the first jurisdiction in Canada to offer an online beginner's driving test.

"For the vast majority of customers, this will be a more comfortable and a more familiar environment," said Rob Horwood, vice-president of Service New Brunswick's public services.

The test can be taken at the convenience of the student from the comfort of their own home.

Eye tests, however, will still be done at Service New Brunswick offices.

"I think it's a great idea because the wait line is pretty long," said Andon Morneault. "Last time, I waited an hour and a half."

Mera Meagan Mills says it's helpful for people who have anxiety and depression.

"It's just a lot of pressure on them and it just builds up the anxiety that they have to do it in person," Mills said.

Service New Brunswick handles 50,000 calls a year pertaining to a beginners driver's licence.

Having the driver's test, licence renewal and change of address all available online means wait times for in-person services will be shorter.

Despite being on a personal device, cheating on the written test will prove to be difficult. A photo of the student will be taken during the test and compared to the person who attempts to claim the licence.

"We can also see when the student or the test-taker begins to toggle over to google to look up answers," Horwood says.

And if they try to use a second device to look up answers?

"I can't go into many details but it's pretty amazing what we have been able to accomplish," Horwood says.

The current method of in-person written or verbal testing will still be available to those who prefer it.

Horwood says they will try out the online testing on a few new drivers before a full launch of the new service next month.