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New Brunswick pharmacists can now treat pink eye

Pharmacists in New Brunswick are now able to treat conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye.

According to a news release from the province, the Department of Health estimates 1,100 patients visited a walk-in clinic for conjunctivitis in the past year.

“We know that many families are affected by conjunctivitis, and they need to see someone for relief,” said Health Minister Bruce Fitch.

“To ensure that New Brunswickers can see the right care provider for the right service at the right time, we are working with our highly skilled pharmacists, who care for people in their communities, to make it easier to access these needed services.”

In addition to conjunctivitis treatment, residents can access publicly-funded care from participating pharmacies for:

  • contact allergic dermatitis
  • cold sores
  • mild to moderate eczema
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • impetigo
  • Lyme disease prevention after a high-risk tick bite
  • mild acne

“New Brunswick pharmacists are now able to assess and prescribe for 12 common ailments and services to divert patient traffic from emergency rooms, walk-in clinics or other primary care providers,” reads the news release.

The province says it is not mandatory for every pharmacist to treat all minor ailments and recommends people ask their local pharmacist which services are available.

“While the cost of the consultation for certain ailments is covered, patients are still responsible for the cost of prescribed medications, as well as any fees for injections provided by pharmacy professionals,” reads the news release.

Pharmacists in Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan are already able to treat conjunctivitis. 

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