OROMOCTO, N.B. -- Some pharmacies in New Brunswick were a lot busier on Thursday as the supply of vaccines for COVID-19 arrived with people waiting for pharmacists to administer them.

At one Oromocto drug store, clients were signed up to get a shot every five minutes.

"I wanna go see my great great grandson," said Grace Durant."He's in Ontario, but I don't want to go there until they get better."

Not only did Durant get her vaccination, her husband who has mobility issues had his delivered personally.

"He has some stability issues, so we were worried about getting him in here," said Durant's granddaughter Kaitlin Spairs."It's kind of a big exercise and so we called to see if they would be willing to go to the car to give it to him and they did and it went very smoothly."

So far, so good, says pharmacist Brett Jackson.

"We're going to learn a lot this week, we're going to see how our processes develop a lot of it will be dependent on how much vaccine we have access to," Jackson said.

But those who had access to it today, said this were unanimous in their encouragement to get it.

"Be safe, get it," said one.

"Same as a normal shot, nothing to it," said another.

If anyone does have to reschedule their appointments on the day of, pharmacists will go around and find someone of that age group to replace them so that the vaccine will get used and not wasted.