HALIFAX -- The province of New Brunswick wants to allow hunting on more Sundays during hunting season; however, some non-hunters are against it.

Photographer, Ceci Flanagan, snow finds inspiration in the great outdoors.

"I enjoy being in the forests taking pictures, particularly in the fall," says Flanagan. "For New Brunswick, that's the most beautiful time of year. There's no bugs, the weather is good; it's the time of year you really wanna be in the woods."

However, she believes proposed provincial legislation is encouraging the opposite. Flanagan is part of a coalition called Quiet Forests in NB, which is against amendments to the province's Fish and Wildlife Act.

Bill 19, if passed, would allow hunting on every Sunday from October 14 until December 31.

"It's got nothing to do with being against hunting," says Flanagan. "It's got everything to do with wanting to have one day a week of quiet enjoyment of the woods."

Currently, hunting is allowed on three Sundays between late October and the middle of November – which the coalition says is enough. But, minister of natural resources, Mike Holland, defends the bill, saying hunting groups have been reaching out to see it expanded.

"The fact is, this is a very responsible group of people; well trained and respectful of all of the laws," says Holland. "We just want to create an opportunity for them to expand the ability for them to get out and enjoy what they love."

Meanwhile, the bill has currently passed its first and second reading.