There is a new development in the case of a missing Dartmouth woman.

RCMP have taken over the investigation into the disappearance of Melissa Peacock and they say they are looking into the possibility she may have met with foul play.

20-year-old Melissa Dawn Peacock was last seen three months ago. She left her apartment in Dartmouth on November 7, 2011. It is believed she headed north on Highway 345 the following night. Her cell phone was traced to Gore in Hants County. Now, three months later, a search is underway in Centre Rawdon.

"Because she was traced to their jurisdiction, we have turned the file over to them (the RCMP)," says Const. Brian Palmeter of the Halifax Regional Police.

When the investigation began police said they weren't sure if the young woman was actually missing. Peacock has been known to go off on her own, but it is very unusual for her to go this long with no contact with friends or family. It is for that reason that police say they are investigating the possibility she has met with foul play.

"Given that a lot of time has passed in this investigation, we have to keep an open mind that we don't overlook any possible information," says Palmeter.

A small house in Centre Radon became the centre of the missing persons case Friday, creating a lot of interest in the small Nova Scotia community.

"I haven't seen anybody around there for a little while," says neighbour Barry Hobson. "But for the last couple of weeks there has been people in and out of there all hours."

CTV News spoke with Melissa Peacock's mother, who says she has no idea what is happening in Centre Rawdon, nor does she know who lives in the house.

RCMP won't say whether the owner of the home has any connection to the investigation. They also won't say what led them to the house or what they are looking for. But her neighbours in Dartmouth are still waiting for answers.

"Oh gosh I only hope someone finds her, or she's found one way or another," says one neighbour,

Police say they are still hoping to bring Melissa home safe.