HALIFAX -- The number of stunting charges is up in the Halifax area, and across Nova Scotia.

Since January, police have charged at least five people with stunting along one short stretch of N.S. Highway 102.

“I don’t know why it seems to be increasing, but there seems to be more of it these days,” says resident Barry Anderson.

Halifax Regional Police issued 39 tickets for stunting in 2020, nearly double the 20 tickets issued in 2019, and 24 more than the 15 tickets issued in 2018.

Across Nova Scotia, RCMP also charged more drivers with stunting, with 181 tickets issued in 2020, compared to just 109 tickets in 2019.

“It’s not just speeding,” clarified Cpl. Mark Skinner of the N.S. RCMP. “We’re talking going at least 50 km or more over the posted limit.”

The charge also covers dangerous driving behaviours including racing, or doing donuts.

“For example, driving in a position other than the drivers seat of the vehicle,” adds Cpl. Skinner.

A spokesperson with Halifax Regional Police says police wouldn’t normally notify the public about stunting charges, but they’ve started to do it more in hopes that it might deter people.

“Every day we seem to read something in the paper about another stunting, and the big fines don’t seem to stop,” says resident Geannine Theriault.

The fine for stunting in Nova Scotia is $2,422.50, a week-long licence suspension, and six points are assigned to the driver's driving record.

But some would like to see more.

“I think they got to increase the fines or take their cars away for longer than a week,” says Anderson.