I’ve had to deliver quite a few lousy forecasts for the Blue Nose Marathon, but this year isn’t one of them!

Maybe that’s because we were due for a break in the cool, soggy spring weather … or maybe because the event was bumped a few weeks later due to the Memorial Cup being hosted in Halifax.

At any rate, I have to imagine the runners will like this outlook.

Thanks to an area of high pressure sliding in out of Quebec this weekend, weather conditions will be held fair through the weekend. There is a chance of showers first thing Saturday morning -- say 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. -- which will then be followed by clearing skies. Air temperatures will climb towards 17 degrees by early afternoon but a northwest wind 20 gusting 30-40 km/h should help cool runners and keep the humidity low. It is June, though, so the UV index will be high, or very high, meaning proper sun protection should be used.

Blue Nose Marathon

With the same high pressure system in place for Sunday, weather conditions will be similar -- mostly sunny with air temperatures rising from the high single digits early morning to the high teens by early afternoon. The high temperature later in the afternoon will be near 20. Winds will be out of the north and northwest sustained between 10 and 20 km/h. Relative humidity is expected to hover around 50 per cent, which is quite comfortable, through the day.

Blue Nose Marathon

Since CTV is the media sponsor for the Blue Nose Marathon this year, I’m happy to be getting off on the right running shoe with the forecast!