FREDERICTON -- There are no plans to delay March break in the Maritimes - as it has been in Ontario, where it is delayed until April - but public health officials are encouraging people to stay close to home.

"I ask that everyone limits their travel during March break to within their own health zone, this will limit opportunities for the virus to spread and prevent a repeat of the outbreaks that we have experienced within the last month," said Dr. Jennifer Russell, New Brunswick's chief medical officer of health.

Staying in your own health zone means only those in Zone 1 can enjoy snowshoeing through Fundy National Park and Zone 5 can try out the ski hills at Sugarloaf in Campbellton.

There are no plans to delay March break in Nova Scotia either.

"Our students have missed very few days of school due to the actions of the entire community," said an education spokesperson. "At this time, there are no plans to change the March break schedule."

The break in Nova Scotia is scheduled for mid-March and, unlike in New Brunswick, travel isn't limited to an area.

Prince Edward Island isn't planning on making changes to their March break either. It's scheduled for the same week as Nova Scotia.