HALIFAX -- A brutal altercation near a Halifax high school last week has produced "consequences" for those involved. 

There's plenty of talk about a video of the incident that surfaced late last week and it seems parents are asking questions, as well.

"They were just sort of wondering if I saw anything, but I wasn't here when it happened," said Citadel High School student Enzo Jobert.

The video is unsettling to watch as a student is repeatedly kicked by two other students while lying on the ground.

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education says it happened after school Thursday afternoon, on the Halifax Common -- directly across the street.

The school became aware of the incident on Friday and contacted police, but police will only say the investigation is ongoing.

The school says there's already been consequences for those involved and the student at the centre of it was back in class on Friday.

Although the video has been reported and removed from a number of platforms, it would appear a lot of people are still looking for it.

"The first thing I heard of it was 'there's a video going around - please don't share,'" said social media consultant Adam Purcell. He says the Halifax Twitter community did its best to keep the video from going viral, which may have been what students involved were looking for.

"They're thinking, 'I'm going to share this, and it's going to get thousands of views, and tens of thousands of shares," Purcell said.

And although most of us recognize content on the internet can survive for years, Purcell says students might not realize how damaging it can be later on.

As for the video, those who have seen it, tend to wish they hadn't.

"Abuse, pretty much, of a kid who didn't deserve it," Jobert says. "From what I saw. He sat on the ground and took it, which - nobody deserves that."

That's the widespread consensus of last week's incident, which lives on on the internet.

In a statement provided to the media on Monday, the Halifax Regional Centre for Education said it and the school will support police as necessary in the investigation, and they're urging students with information to bring it forward and do the same.