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Noose discovered at Halifax’s Africville Park

A disturbing discovery was made at Africville Park in Halifax Thursday morning.

Parks and recreation staff found a noose hanging from a tree behind the Africville Museum, according to the museum’s executive director Juanita Peters.

It’s believed the noose was put up sometime between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

“I don’t know when whoever put that there or why, but it’s very disappointing, you know, in a city like ours, that is becoming so very cultured and aware, that this kind of hatred still exists out there,” said Peters.

Peters asks anyone with information to come forward and contact police. Halifax Regional Police said it is investigating the incident, which is believed to be hate-motivated.

The discovery is not the only disturbing incident at Africville Park recently. Peters says a group shot at the windows of the museum more than a dozen times with a pellet gun at the end of May.

Halifax Regional Police also said in a statement Friday that it is aware of the pellets that had been shot at the museum, which damaged siding and a window.

“The investigation has been concluded at this time without charges, however as with any investigation should new information come to light it would be reopened,” a Halifax police spokesperson said Friday. Top Stories

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