MONCTON, N.B. -- A pair of North American river otters are the newest residents at Moncton’s Magnetic Hill Zoo.

Quiddy and Keswick came from a conservation centre in Texas, a trip that was delayed by the pandemic.

“Texas is clearly quite far away to be driving or crossing the border, so the border restrictions, the reduction in airplanes, caused a delay in the arrival of these animals,” says Jill Marvin, director of the Magnetic Hill Zoo.

Zookeeper Sharon Moss has been helping the pair, who are both just over a year old, settle into their new home.

“For the first little bit they were a little nervous. They were always running back to their shelter, but now they’re getting more comfortable with the public. They’re swimming around more, they’re going to the bottom of their pen looking for food or what they can find,” says Moss.

“Throughout the day, they're welcome to come and go as they please and often they go in the pool and run around on land and chase each other around.”

While the otters spend most of their time together, Moss says they couldn’t be more different.

“Quiddy, the female, she’s definitely the curious one of the two. She’s the first one to check things out, but she’s also the boss of the household,” she says.

“Kewsick is definitely a little more shy, so he’ll come check things out, but he’s a little diligent about when he comes out and checks things out.”

Quiddy and Kewsick are still in the early stages of getting to know one another, but Moss says they’re hoping there will be a new addition to the family in a couple of years.