NORTH SYDNEY, N.S. -- Many couples have postponed their weddings during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a bride and groom in Nova Scotia refused to let the virus stop them from saying “I do.”

Shannon and Randy Krupp had originally planned to have a big wedding in April. When the pandemic hit, they had to adjust their plans.

The North Sydney, N.S., couple created a Facebook page and invited guests to watch their backyard wedding online.

“It was really relaxing, it was nice just having a small group. A few of my neighbours over there, they were out on their porch watching the wedding,” says Shannon Krupp.

Only five people took part in the ceremony itself -- the bride and groom, their best man and maid of honour, and a justice of the peace. The rest of their friends and family watched from home.

“I was excited and obviously a little nervous, knowing there were more than 100 people watching us, but all in all just excited,” says Randy Krupp.

The gifts the couple gave to the ceremony participants were also influenced by the pandemic.

“A vial of hand sanitizer, they got a spray bottle of Lysol, and Kleenex, that way everyone was as safe as possible,” says Shannon Krupp.

Shannon and Randy say they plan to use some of the money they saved on the wedding to go on a small honeymoon when restrictions are lifted, or to keep sprucing up their property.

“It was really nice,” says the bride. “I'm glad we did it this way.”