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Nova Scotia farm welcomes miniature donkey named 'Sugar' into the world


A farm in Hammonds Plains, N.S., recently welcomed a miniature donkey into the world.

Sugar was born about two weeks ago and stands roughly knee-high.

“They’re squirmy, but they also like to be cuddled and loved at some points,” said Michael Plummer, a worker at Hatfield Farms.

“It’s good for us to go into the stalls and touch them and scratch them and stuff like that, just so they get used to people and kids crawling all over top of them.”

Plummer says Sugar will find future employment in the farm’s petting zoo.

“Staff here try our best to go in and give them some attention and get them used to people, being around them and stuff like that,” said Plummer.

The farm breeds all their own donkeys says Plummer, and only the miniature breed, so they fit comfortably in the pens.

“She was born when we were doing a sugar shack festival, and that’s why we decided to name her sugar,” he said.

According to Plummer, Sugar will grow to about four or five times the size she is now.

“Come see her, because you’re missing out. You don’t really see a 15-day-old Donkey just sitting on somebody’s lap every day and she likes the attention for sure," said Plummer. Top Stories

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