HALIFAX -- Rick DeYoung has been riding motorcycles for most of his life.

"Forty years," said the truck driver by trade, who added he loves motorcycles for two basic reasons. "Freedom and the wind in your hair."

DeYoung’s motorcycle is his own creation. He built it in his garage from scratch.

"It was four and a half years to build," he said. "Everything you see on there is mostly from eBay."

In addition to buying all the parts online, DeYoung is also a self-taught motorcycle designer and builder. He learned how to do it through YouTube tutorials.

"You can do anything now," said DeYoung.

DeYoung’s motorcycle is a unique design. For those who wonder what it is worth?

"I would rather not say," said DeYoung. "The wife would get mad at me (laughter)."

Last year DeYoung wanted to display his creation in a car show at the Buffalo Club in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia.

"We were going to do it with a smoke machine, inside a trailer and I would kind of ride it out there and do the display," said DeYoung.

COVID-19 caused the cancellation of the event. DeYoung hopes to unveil it this summer and if public health restrictions allow, he wants to make it a breast cancer fundraiser.

DeYoung said, overall this machine is a dream come true on wheels.

"It is just something I wanted to do all my life," he said.

DeYoung also said this is more than a motorcycle.

It is his pride and joy -- the product of hard work, passion and ingenuity.