HALIFAX -- As New Brunswick lifts its restrictions, the politicians wanting to lead Nova Scotia all agree that the best path forward is to listen to and follow the advice of public health.

"I have full confidence that the public health team will continue to make the right decisions. If they need my support, I'm there," said Iain Rankin, leader of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party.

"We'll work with public health and just make sure there's some common sense in public policy," Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston said.

A spokesperson for the NDP also said that party would listen to and follow Public Health.

Nova Scotia's Department of Health and Wellness says at this time, it doesn't anticipate any changes to Nova Scotia's border policy as New Brunswick lifts its restrictions.

Going green means New Brunswick will bid farewell to masks in public, capacity limits and provincial border checks.

As it stands, anyone entering Nova Scotia from outside of Atlantic Canada still has to prove their vaccination status and register to enter. How many doses they have dictates how long or whether they have to isolate.

"I'm particularly interested in caution. All you have to do is look around at the rest of the world right now and see how bad it is," said Don Sullivan.

Nova Scotia is still in its fourth phase of five in re-opening as it works toward fully vaccinating 75 per cent of the population.

For now, rules around gathering limits, mandatory masks and border checks are still in effect.