HALIFAX -- It's official: the votes have been counted, and Nova Scotia now has two Doctor Strangs!

The newest one is a beautiful thoroughbred horse, who got the name in an exciting contest hosted by the Halifax Lancers.

The nine-year-old thoroughbred from New Brunswick has settled-in nicely to a new routine and, as it stands, the organization has pretty big plans for him.

"Right now, he is being used in our junior and adult lesson programs, but we really do hope in a couple of years when he correct training that he'll be able to be used in our therapeutic riding programs," said Claire Halstead, the operations manager for the Halifax Lancers.

That healing nature might be extra important, given that the horse also has a new name, although he hasn't learned it yet.

He's the new Doctor Strang, but he's known as just Doc around the stables.

Choosing the name was an exercise in democracy -- a contest, actually -- with lots of votes cast online.

The winning suggestion came from a member -- student Ella MacDonald from Citadel High School, which is just across the street from the Lancers.

Those who work closest with this Doctor Strang say his bedside manner is exceptional and he's a very gentle horse.

"That's one of the things I just love about him," Felderhof said. "He's cuddly. He loves to be patted. He's just an overall good guy."

The Strang suggestion won the contest with a decisive 45 per cent of the votes cast, beating out Zoom and Citadel, among others.

As for the man who had the name and title first, he says he's honoured.

"Well, I was quite excited, actually," said Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia's chief medical officer of health. "One of my daughters used to ride, so when I told her she got a good laugh.  And I texted my brother, and of course, he said, 'well, which part of the horse are you?'"

The prize package includes a guided pony ride, and the winner plans to offer it to the good doctor.

So, will Dr. Strang ever ride Doctor Strang?

"Ummm, maybe getting up on the horse I'm not sure about if the horse is moving," Strang said. "I'll see if maybe I can bring my daughter along."

So, with a bright future ahead of him, the four-legged Doctor Strang will soon start seeing patients of his own and anyone who'd like to see him in person is welcome to do so outside when he's there, because at the Lancers, the doctor is in.