SYDNEY, N.S. -- With more COVID-19 cases being announced every day, some people in Nova Scotia want the province to release information about where the people who have tested positive are located.

As the number of coronavirus cases in Nova Scotia continues to rise, so too does the concern in many communities.

For Stephen MacLellan of Sydney, N.S., the not knowing where the cases are is what scares him the most. 

"We're not hearing about where the cases are," MacLellan says. "All it says is 'Nova Scotia,' and I think we're getting a false sense of security because we don't think there are any cases here, and I'm sure there are."

Cape Breton Regional Municipality Coun. George MacDonald says he's heard from plenty of constituents wondering whether there are any cases in their communities.

"I get it all the time, and we haven't got an answer to that," MacDonald said.

He says he's seen gossip on social media, and with that can come uncertainty.

"We'd like to know if they are in the area, because it might put a little more pressure on people to follow all the guidelines," MacDonald says.

MacLellan says he's heard rumours of possible cases, but feels without confirmation, it's all speculation.

"They don't have to name names," MacLellan said."They could do like the province of New Brunswick and put it into different zones. So, you could name the zones, and then we'd know where they are."

During an interview Wednesday night with CTV News, Nova Scotia's chief medical officer of health, Dr. Robert Strang, said the message they want everyone to have is that every community is at risk.

"My experience, if you tell other people where it is and where it's not, you run a very real risk about the people who say where it's not, they become complacent," Strang said.

Meanwhile, there is also concern from many people who say they have witnessed a number of instances where people have been getting too close to other people when out and about.

"Nobody I've seen is sort of breaking the rules, but I think if you knew it was on Cape Breton Island, you might be more apt to really follow the rules to a tee," MacDonald said.

The Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness says the 73 cases of COVID-19 are across the province.

Strang says every Nova Scotian needs to follow what they've been told to do and trust the process is working.