The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation has said it will follow the same pricing strategy it uses for alcohol when it comes to selling cannabis.

“There will be three categories of cannabis pricing – value, core and premium,” the NSLC said in a news release.

The cheapest cannabis is $6.33 to $8.48 per gram; the mid-priced marijuana is $9 to 10.98 per gram; and premium pot will be $10.99 per gram or more.

"We looked at a number of issues when we determined what prices we would be offering the products at of course one of those is the price on the illegal market. We also look at the cost for suppliers & we look at the cost for the NSLC to distribute & sell the product," said NSLC spokeswoman Bev Ware.

Prices will include taxes and be adjusted as required if market conditions change.

“All prices are determined by brand and package size,” the news release said. “Price per gram decreases as product package size increases.”

The NSLC had hoped to offer 300 products representing 78 strains but won’t have that kind of selection when it starts selling cannabis on Wednesday. It estimates it will only have about 40 per cent of the product they ordered thanks to “a variety of challenges” licensed producers have faced.

The NSLC said when stores open on Wednesday, it will have 97 products representing 52 strains in stock.

“The supply challenges are being experienced nationwide and are not exclusive to Nova Scotia,” the news release said. “Our suppliers are working hard to get the product labelled and shipped to us.”

If estimated sales are accurate, the NSLC has a three-week supply on hand.

“We are pleased to offer a safe and secure supply of recreational cannabis to our customers at a variety of price points that we feel are competitive and reasonable,” said Dave DiPersio, NSLC’s Senior VP and Chief Services Officer.

Cannabis will be available in 12 locations across the province and online.

The NSLC said seeds and cannabis oil will not be available on Wednesday when cannabis becomes legal. The federal government announced on June 20 that cannabis would become legal on Oct. 17.

The NSLC said they would sell them as soon as they could get them from suppliers.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Natasha Pace.