The New Brunswick Health Department is investigating after one person died and another thirty fell ill after eating at a church supper In Nackawic last Friday evening.

Bessie Scott was one of roughly 100 people who attended the pre-Christmas turkey dinner . The 87-year-old was admitted to hospital following the event and died on Monday. Her family told CTV that up until this weekend she had been an otherwise healthy and active senior.

Alex Hoffman and his wife attended the local church event.

Within hours of eating, both were sick.

“I had to go to the washroom and I did my job, then an hour later, I wake up again, I had to go to the washroom and then an hour after that, also I had to go,” he said.

The office of the chief medical officer of health is investigating the outbreak in the town just west of Fredericton.

“All the types of food that were served, how those foods were prepared, the sources of each of those foods, where they came from in terms of grocery stores versus homemade versus — all of those elements are being looked at,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, the province’s acting chief medical officer of health.

The department of health said there are no laws governing events like church suppers, but food service education is available.

“So that means any organization, any not-for-profit or church organization, community organization — health inspectors are willing and able, at any time, to go and give these food handling safety courses for no charge,” Dr. Russell said.

Scott’s funeral is scheduled for Friday.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Andy Campbell