HALIFAX -- A small community in Cape Breton can now claim bragging rights on having one of the best sports fields in the country.

The state-of-the-art turf at the MacKinnon Field in New Waterford, N.S., was just recently installed and players to the field couldn’t be more pleased.

“I think it’s very cool,” said Breton Education Centre soccer player, Conor Chiasson. “Like, I’d say it’s very interesting that a small town like New Waterford gets to have something as good ... as the big stadiums have.”

“This is the best field you can get at this point in time,” said Lowell Cormier, the community sports leader.

The new top-of-the-line turf is the same kind used by the famed NFL New England Patriots.

Members of the BEC soccer teams say they’re counting down the minutes until they can get their cleats on the new field.

“Our old turf was very worn down. I mean, it was my favourite field to play on but this one, definitely for the future teams, will be great to practice on,” said Kelsie Neville, a BEC soccer player.

“There’s three of these fields in all of Canada right now. This is the only one in Atlantic Canada,” said Lenny Laronde, who installed the new turf.

But why is the new turf considered the best of its kind?

“The new combination of fibres that come through the turf packing and the way, and the materials they use to glue the turf to the backing of it,” said Laronde. “It makes it much more durable.”

The infill in the turf is 18 layers of sand and crumb rubber.

The new field came to reality thanks to a Community Hub for New Waterford announced by the Nova Scotia Government two years ago.

“They needed our existing turf and our tennis court so, they’ve agreed to build a new turf field, a tennis court, a new grass field, remodel the ball hockey rink, and a new basketball court,” explained Lowell.

The MacKinnon Field was where the Cape Breton University Women’s Team hosted and won the soccer nationals in 2007.

People now hope the new turf will once again welcome the country’s best.

“Well, I think the game plan here is for national championships and I know there is a move as we speak, to host a national age-group championship,” said Lowell.

“It’s one of the best turfs out there so, I can definitely see big games being played here,” said Chiasson.