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Ontario man quits real estate job to see every location in Canada -- by plane


Twenty-nine-year-old Logan Daly-Doersam is always up for an adventure, but this time he took it to a new level.

Daly-Doersam left his real estate job in Ontario, bought a plane and discovered Canada by air.

The Hanover, Ont., native had some time off and was thinking about his childhood dreams.

"One of them was to be a helicopter pilot," said Daly-Doersam. "Actually, I went to try that and it converted into this coast-to-coast adventure with my two-seater plane that I bought."

The adventure is taking him from coast-to-coast through every province.

"I've stopped at some great little airports and cities and met some great people," he said. "There was quite a few wild moments, landscape wise."

Daly-Doersam started on the West Coast on Vancouver Island.

"There was this mountain lake called Seton Lake near Lillooet, which had this, just beautiful colour teal," Daly-Doersam said. "The mountains go on forever."

He said he enjoyed every stop along the way, but among his more memorable views was in the Maritimes.

"P.E.I. was just incredible," he said. "Going up to the red coastline from a distance."

He's stayed in some unique places, too, but his stay in Nova Scotia at the "Stanley Hilton" at the airport in Stanley, N.S., might top them all.

"(It) is basically just like a little shed, I guess, I could say with some bunk beds, but it's incredible for what I need here," Daly-Doersam said.

He's also pitched a tent when there have been no accommodations.

"I've also slept 13 of the nights just beside the plane at airports on this adventure," he said.

The trip has provided him with some interesting and valuable lessons.

"One of them is you always have to take that leap of faith," Daly-Doersam said. "If there's something that feels like it excites you, even if you're nervous about it, you have to do it because you just won't regret it. And I think that's true for anybody on any type of adventure, whether it's travel or for a new job or a camping trip. You just have to do those things you're excited about." Top Stories

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