Officials at the new hospital in Truro, N.S. say all four operating rooms will be back on schedule first thing Wednesday morning.

Two operating rooms were closed after a small water leak was discovered in one of the rooms Sunday afternoon.

The leak has left some people scratching their heads since the $184-million dollar hospital only opened two months ago.

“I really don’t think that should have happened this quick, not with a brand new building,” says resident Shirley Gill.

“Well, it’s something I guess they kind of misjudged, and they have to kind of go over it again,” says resident Melvin White. “I think they’ll get it.”

It appears sterilized steam entered the overhead vents, which then condensed to water, causing the leak. Initially, all four operating rooms were shut down and ten surgeries were cancelled.

“We’ve gone through hours of training,” says Chief of Staff, Dr. Manoj Vohra. “We’ve gone through hours of education to figure out all the new systems that are in this new hospital, so what happens, basically, is that something unforeseeable occurs, but we have systems in place that actually respond pretty quickly and try to minimize anything that goes on.”

Two operating rooms opened today and the remaining two rooms are expected to open Wednesday morning.

Some of the surgeries cancelled Monday were rescheduled for today. Hospital officials say the rest will be booked on a priority basis as soon as possible.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan Macintosh