The owner of a pit bull that bit a little girl almost two weeks ago in Cole Harbour, N.S. has been charged in the incident.

Her dog has also been seized by the city.

Martin Geertsema’s four-year-old daughter was visiting the Cole Harbour home with a family friend on Dec. 8 when she was bitten.

The little girl underwent surgery and is still recovering, but he says she is doing better.

“Yesterday she had her stitches come out, she had about 50 stitches,” says Geertsema.

Today, the dog was seized by the city.

“We’ve seized the dog. We have a court order to do that,” says city spokesperson Shaune MacKinlay.

The owner of the dog has also been charged.

“The charge is, what we consider having a dangerous animal, having a dangerous pet,” says MacKinlay.

Geertsema says both the seizure and charge come as a relief to his family.

“We are happy about the charges. It’s something that shows that the city is moving forward. There’s no complacency.”

Geertsema says he is not looking for a ban on pit bulls, but he does want to see regulations in place that deal with dog ownership and training.

“It seems you can go out and buy a dog and feed it, and that’s it,” he says.

The dog’s owner is due to appear in court on Jan 3. The judge will decide the fate of the dog.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Rick Grant