Stand up paddleboarding has been growing in popularity at beaches and lakes across the Maritimes. And it seems it’s an activity that is being enjoyed by all, regardless of age, gender – and species.

“I water skied for about 20 years, then sailed for about 10 or 12,” says Gordon Tremble. “I love the water.”

At 80-years-old, Tremble is no stranger to being on the water, however, on Tuesday he decided to try a new watersport – stand up paddleboarding and says he enjoyed it.

"It went pretty well,” says Tremble. “I fell down a few times, but I conquered it after a while – it's a lot of fun!"

A lot of fun and a great way to stay in shape, according to Paulette LeBlanc, owner of Shediac Paddle Shack in New Brunswick.

"Paddleboarding is very good for your core strength,” says LeBlanc. “It will help you develop your shoulder areas, your arms and also very solid legs – so it works out everything."

Although it’s a great exercise, LeBlanc says stand up paddleboarding can also be enjoyed at a leisurely pace as well, but notes safety is a must.

"You really just need yourself,” says LeBlanc. “But what we recommend that you have is your paddle to go with your board and a life jacket."

For some people, like Daniele Wencel and her nephew Brody LaGrace, standup paddleboarding is a family tradition that they've been doing every summer for the past four years.  

"Usually I like accidentally falling off the paddleboard into the water," says LaGrace.

However, it’s not just people who enjoy being on the water on a paddleboard; animals do too, according to paddleboard instructor, Mario Boudreau, whose dog, Duke, loved to paddleboard.

"He's pretty calm and relaxed,” says Boudreau.  “He just lays on the board and just enjoys his time out there."

As for LeBlanc, she says paddleboarding’s appeal is obvious provides insight as to why it’s an activity enjoyed by many people.

"As soon as the contact is made with the water, it's natural for us to start feeling that we're very relaxed,” says LeBlanc

With files from CTV Atlantic's Eilish Bonang