FREDERICTON -- Lexi Daken's family has been leaving reminders of the late teenager around her hometown to keep her memory alive.

"Me and my little sister, and one of Lexi's friends, started painting rocks to create awareness for mental health and to keep Lexi's legacy going and to keep the conversation around mental health moving," said Piper Daken, Lexi's sister.

About 50 painted rocks have been delivered to some of Lexi's favourite places as a way to honour her memory.

It's been nearly two months since the 16-year-old died by suicide after two unsuccessful visits to a Fredericton hospital.

Her father hopes the rocks serve as a reminder to the community and the province.

"Just to kind of help keep Lexi in the forefront and just let people know yes we've got issues with our mental health care in New Brunswick, but we want to let people know that there is help," said Chris Daken, Lexi's father.

The family hopes to see change.

Piper says there is one important message she wants people to get from the family's efforts.

"To keep going," she said. "Just to keep going to keep pushing to advocate for yourself and to not let people tell you you don't deserve medical treatment, because you do."

For Piper, it's been a way to bond with her younger sister, Brennah.

"When we're painting the rocks, we always just talk about our favourite memories of Lexi, some of the things that she's done, it's been really nice," said Piper.

Piper says she hopes when people see the rocks, they think of Lexi and are inspired by her legacy.