HALIFAX -- With many Maritimers finding ample hours of spare time on their hands during COVID-19, some have found creative ways to fill it.

One Nova Scotia man has put the pedal to the metal on a passion project turned pandemic pastime that has been turning heads in his neighbourhood.

“When COVID-19 hit, everyone realized we weren’t going to be going too far from home, and then it was the opportune time to start with the COVID-19 project,” says Halifax resident Scott Moffitt.

From plywood, to self-sufficient camper, Moffitt has worked nights, weekends, and used all his spare time to complete a homemade, off-road camper, that’s literally raising the roof around the neighbourhood.

“It’s been a build for me, but I think it’s been a bit of a community project from that aspect as well,” says Moffitt.

The 15-foot overlanding trailer, which Moffitt has nicknamed ‘Big Bob’, was a DIY project, built from front-to-back by his own hands.

“Everything above the steel frame was me, some trial and error,” says Moffitt.

What started out as a plywood box in the summer has turned into a 6-month pandemic pastime for Moffitt, whose 9-5 job is in the health and life sciences sector.

“There’s room in here for the stove, sink,” says Moffitt.

Complete with a galley kitchen, there’s electricity and running water, as well as a roof top tent that can sleep up to four people.

“It’s also totally self-sufficient, it’s got a battery system to power all the 12-volt lights, solar panels to recharge.”

And it was cost-efficient too.

“I easily saved over $20,000 doing it myself.”

But most importantly, it was an opportunity to get his two young sons away from their devices and out of the house, in a setting where the whole family could be together.

“My oldest son and I went on a biking trip to P.E.I. We had everything that we needed, it was a really fun experience,” says Moffitt.

They even held an ‘open camper’ last weekend for their neighbours who offered up some muscle power during the build.

“I look out the window all the time and there are already people stopping and asking what it was, and just so curious,” says Ghislaine Moffitt.

A family commitment to taking the road less travelled, but having a pretty sweet home base for the journey.