HALIFAX -- The saying goes, love conquers all, and one Maritime couple has proven that during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mackenzie Coughlan and Bradley Cleghorn haven’t been able to hug or kiss since March 18, after Bradley picked his family up from a vacation at the airport.

Since then, the New Brunswick couple has been self-isolating with their separate families during the outbreak. They want to keep everyone healthy, so they’re making the best of it with daily video calls.

“We are talking to each other, getting to know each other more,” explains Mackenzie. “After three years we still are finding more things we don’t know about each other.”

The 20-year-olds say they never thought they would ever have to go through anything like this, but it’s making their relationship stronger.

“It’s been hard,” admits Bradley. “Over the past three years it’s just been me and her, and I really don’t know anything else other than me and her.”

Over the weekend, Mackenzie wanted to lift Bradley’s spirits by dropping off takeout at his home in Lake George, N.B. – without contact.

Bradley told her he had her birthday gift as well.

“Turns out the Fitbit is not what I thought it was,” she laughs.

Bradley was clever, and had a plan for when she pulled into his driveway with burgers and pizza.

“I saw hand sanitizer, and I kinda saw what looked like a ring on the hood of the truck,” Mackenzie explains.

She was right.

Six feet away, Bradley was down on one knee asking Mackenzie to be his bride, all while practising physical-distancing.

“Oh I was a nervous wreck,” he laughs. “If we’re being honest.”

“Through the tears I said, ‘Yes,’” she adds. “After that, I called my parents.”

At two metres apart, the couple didn’t get to kiss or hug – they believe it’s important to play by the rules to keep both of their families healthy and safe.

The newly-engaged couple plans to celebrate with loved ones once the pandemic is over.

Bradley says he can’t wait to have his second first date with Mackenzie.

“That nervous feeling we had the first day we met, is going to be the same, when we see each other again.”

The pair doesn’t have a wedding date set yet, but they’re thinking of tying the knot in two years since Mackenzie is still in college.

For now though, they’ll continue to let love guide them through these challenging times.