TRURO, N.S. -- A rally and march took place Friday afternoon in Truro, N.S., organized by the family of three-year-old Dylan Ehler, who went missing in the area on May 6, 2020.

Jason Ehler insists Truro Police have not done enough to find his son Dylan, who was last seen in his grandmother's backyard.

Dylan's grandmother Dorothy Parsons has repeatedly stated she was with the toddler in her backyard when she turned her back to tie up her dog.

"I turn around and he was just gone. Gone. I have no explanation," Parsons told CTV News on the one-year-anniversary of Dylan's disappearance.

Truro Police and local search and rescue teams have conducted multiple searches for the youngster, including in and along the banks of the nearby Salmon River, but only found boots identified as belonging to Dylan.

Jason Ehler has said Truro Police have told Dylan’s mother he cannot attend regular briefings on the case with police.

In a statement issued Friday, Truro Police Deputy Chief Rob Hearn writes:

“With regards to Dylan’s father not being permitted to attend future meetings with the Truro Police Service and Colchester East Hants Ground Search and Rescue, this difficult decision was made as a result of a number of abusive emails, voicemails and social media posts received from Jason Ehler and directed at, not only Truro Police officers, but also members from Colchester East Hants Ground Search and Rescue. These men and women have volunteered their time to look for Dylan, conducting 19 searches to date since his disappearance.”

Truro Police have said foul play is not suspected.

Jason Ehler and Ashley Brown, Dylan's parents, have issued numerous pleas for information as to their son's whereabouts.

In response to the statement from Truro Police, Ehler says, “This isn’t a tit for tat with the Truro Police. And they should understand that. It’s about a child.”