HALIFAX -- On Sunday, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston announced the PC Party will be introducing legislation welcoming ridesharing services to Nova Scotia.

“Nova Scotia should enjoy the same market advances as the rest of the world,” Houston said. “We have a vibrant province with world-class amenities, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t add ridesharing to our cities and towns.”

The PC party says it is committed to creating a new category of license that removes certain barriers and will be harmonized with recent changes in PEI and consistent with other jurisdictions, like Toronto.

Under the new license category, drivers operating rideshare vehicles in Nova Scotia will be required to:

  • Pass a clean criminal record check, with updates every two years
  • Hold a valid class five license for a minimum of three years
  • Complete a rigorous training program that covers topics like safe driving, conflict resolution, and diversity training

“Safety of passengers and the public must be the driving force above all else, and we can learn from other jurisdictions while we modernize our Province,” says Houston.  “Ridesharing alternatives have the potential to offer tremendous benefit to rural areas where they may have limited transportation options. Making transportation easier and more accessible is always a good thing.”